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About ISO

Giving the quality top priority,Togawa is engaged in customer satisfaction and aiming to be an environmental friendly company.

Our effort on ISO9001 “Quality Management System” and ISO14001 “Environmental Management System.”

Kyoto Plant
Kyoto Plant
Tokyo Plant
Tokyo Head Office / Tokyo Plant

In July of 2001, our Kyoto Plant and in November of 2003, our Tokyo Plant have acquired approval of ISO9001. Placing the“ Customer First” for our quality policy, we have been engaged in promoting full employee participation quality assurance activities. In the midst of ever changing social environment, we are trying to identify the customer’s needs in order to suggest, produce and deliver products in an appropriate time for further“ Customer Satisfaction”.

In March of 2005, our Kyoto Plant has acquired the approval of ISO14001 In an effort to becoming an “Environmentally Friendly Company”,we have defined our environmental policy and conduct environmental countermeasures. We also provide “Environmentally Friendly Products” while conforming to the laws and regulations, and keeping the balance with the people and nature.

ISO 9001:Kyoto Plant,Tokyo Plant
ISO 14001:Kyoto Plant